The immense uncontaminated spaces, the historic architecture and the gastronomic choice that can be tasted in Tuscany have made this territory one of the most popular destinations for tourists coming from all over the world. The historicity of this region comes, among the others, from the Florentine Romanesque style whose peculiarities are evident from the survival and recovery of elements of Roman classicism. For this reason, the typical features of this area are the narrow alleys that surround the cities, small streets and passages that lead to large squares, such as the famous “Piazza dei Miracoli”. Operating in a similar context is by no means simple, but nothing is impossible, in fact Palazzani Spider Lift XTJ 43+ is of great help for this territory. Its high designing technology as well as its countless operational functions make this Spider Lift unique in the tracked access panorama and perfect for moving around in total safety.

Technical details

The main data are: operating height of 43 meters, an outreach of 18 meters and a capacity of 330 kg, or three operators. All this is controlled by a Can Bus system, a sophisticated system with variable displacement pump that allows up to 4 simultaneous movements by keeping the engine at minimum speed with important costs and noise savings. The machine is mainly used for aerial work, but it is also used to lift materials, thanks to the 500kg optional hydraulic winch which can quickly replace the cage of the machine helps to lift materials.

The fast telescopic jib, combined with the winch, makes work easy, fast and safe. “We are happy with the arrival of this powerful tracked platform” declares Mr. Luigi Grandi of the Grandi Sollevamenti Company, “we’ve chosen it since we esteem the Palazzani product, synonymous with quality, efficiency and superior technology. We immediately found all of this when the machine arrived. Our Technical Staff was immediately enthusiastic by seeing it and this will surely be the beginning of a beautiful working love story between man and platform “.

If you too care about preserving your territory richness and you need a solution to operate in narrow and historical environments, do not hesitate to contact us, our Staff will be happy to provide you the best solution for your needs.

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