The Company Michelangelo

Michelangelo is a Company that has been operating in the Aerial Platform and Truckmounted cranes rental business in the province of Prato (Tuscany) for over forty years.
The main objective of the Tuscan company is to offer customers a specialized service and a fleet of machines that are always on the cutting edge.
The main activities in which the machines are involved are in construction and Sheet Metal works, through rental with operator of aerial platforms and mobile cranes.
Michelangelo is always keeping up with the times in order to meet new customer needs by providing precise, timely and professional service.
The aim is to keep up to date with up-to-date machinery in technology, work safety and respect for the environment.

Palazzani Spider

For this reason, in 2020 the Company decided to expand its fleet with other technologically advanced and Italian-quality products branded Palazzani.
Initially, a Ragno XTJ 37+ and an XTJ 52+ tracked version were purchased.
The Spiders began operating right away in the Tuscan territory with excellent feedback because unlike all other machines, the Spiders can be placed anywhere and on any terrain and allow work in any condition.
One of the noteworthy jobs, as Board President Michele Longo says, was carried out at the marble quarry in Carrara with the Ragno XTJ 52+ “The operation consisted of installing guardrails and protection on a quarry wall. It was a tough and painstaking job, and without the help of the Ragno we would definitely have been in big trouble.”
This is because the Ragno XTJ 52+ offers an exceptional working diagram, quick and precise movements at any height. The area manager system adjusts outreach automatically, depending on stabilization and load (120/230/400 kg), always allowing 660° rotation, making it extremely easy to use.

XTJ 43+ already delivered

Following the continuous rental requests of Palazzani Spiders and the positive feedback from users, Michelangelo decided to renew its trust in Palazzani by purchasing a recently delivered XTJ 43+.
The Ragno XTJ 43+ is a narrow and compact aerial platform, both in movement and in placing and operates with simple and direct movements, without rear encumbrances. Positioning is automatic and 2 positions are available for each outrigger. Turret rotation of 660° is possible with any placement.
As Michele Longo states, “We trusted Palazzani Industrie recognizing their superior product quality and the reliability of their service.”
From our side, we thank Michelangelo for their renewed trust in our Company.
If you are a rental company too looking for the right solution for you, do not hesitate to contact our Staff.