Autogru Montaldo

Autogru Montaldo, located in Northern Italy is a company founded in 1962. It was the first company to bring the rental of mobile cranes in Cuneo city and today boasts a fleet covering every lifting solution. Technology and competence are the two pillars of the Autogru Montaldo company. The machines are constantly subjected to checks and revisions in order to grant maximum safety and operational efficiency always.
Aerial Platforms are today consider the best solutions to offer to the customer, compact, fast to set-up and suitable to operate in the cities in total safety.
“Every product is selected to offer more choice to customers, who always have different needs” says Mr Montaldo

Ragno XTJ 43+

Montaldo mobile crane, who had already one Palazzani Spider TSJ 39, has decided to expand its fleet of AWP, ordering an XTJ 43+.
Ragno XTJ 43+ is capable of reaching a maximum height of 43 metres, a maximum outreach of 18 meters and a basket capacity of 120-230-330 kg. It is a narrow and compact aerial platform, both in movements and in set-ups and it operates with simple and direct movements, without rear encumbrances. The work areas are monitored by the “area manager” system. The set-up is automatic and 2 positions are available for each stabilizer. Turret rotation of 660° is possible with any placement. It is the best solution for rental, construction, telecommunications.

The best solution for rental company

Autogru Montaldo is committed to providing solutions for construction sites that are safe, easy to use and efficient in carrying out the tasks they’re designed for. This is the reason why the company has become a real reference in the lifting sector.
If you too are a rental company, looking for an aerial platform to expand your fleet of machines, do not hesitate to contact us, our staff will guide you to choose the Spider for your needs.

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