Broquiès is a small town located in Occitania, in the south of France, between the Pyrenees and the Cévennes.

The town is surrounded by nature, including plateaus, mountains, hills, coasts, and rivers.

The morphology of the territory is subject to landslides and mudslides, especially during heavy rains.

In 2020, a landslide threatened to bring down an electricity pylon, a fundamental network infrastructure designed to bring electricity to Broquiès town.

Our customer Corberon Pierre Sarl, specialized in lifting platforms rental, stepped in promptly by providing to the RTE, Réseau de Transport d’Electricité his Palazzani Spider Platform XTJ 52+ with his skilled operator. The intervention required to rebuild a new pylon to host the power line and repair the 225 kW high voltage line.

“Over the last year” says Pierre Corberon, “with the various movements of the power line, it emerged that the existing repairs were not sufficiently robust and that the affected sections had to be completely replaced to ensure the general durability. Access was particularly difficult ” continues Corberon” with slopes between 13 and 20 °. The features that my customer appreciated the most have been the important outreach of the XTJ 52+ at a working height of 30 meters and the basket capacity of 400kg. ”

Ragno XTJ 52+ is in fact one of the most versatile spider lift model able to perform fast and precise movements at any height and without rear obstructions. The set-up combinations are numerous since each stabilizer is independent and this is a key factor when there are obstacles, or in narrow places. The “area manager system” automatically adjusts the outreaches, depending on the set-up and load (120/230 / 400kg), still allowing to work on all 660° rotation, and making this giant spider extremely easy usable. The 980 kg hydraulic winch is interchangeable with the aerial nacelle and gets this machine even more versatile, opening it to extra applications.

“The operation lasted 3 days, from Monday 4 to Thursday 7 April 2022. The main goal was to reinforce the already existing reparation on the line.” Corberon explains.

“Accessing to the site was particularly steep, with no path for the platform. The operator therefore needed deep overlooks to find out the best passage possibilities based on the machine’s capabilities. The operation proved to be very difficult as each intervention required a different set-up and it was necessary to level the ground to prepare the Spider for the various placements ” Corberon concludes.

Palazzani Industrie offers a wide range of aerial platforms, from 17 to 52 meters, our qualified staff will be able to direct you to the best solution.