France is one of the nations that most influenced the history and culture of the last few centuries, and it still maintains a great importance within Europe as well as worldwide. The territory is rather uneven as there are countries, hills, mountains and rather extensive coasts that embrace the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The northern part of the Country is flat and hilly, in the south-eastern and south-western extremities there are two important mountain ranges; in the center there are the mid-mountain, hilly and other more flat areas. Right in the heart of France, in 2019-2020 a strong storm caused some trees fall on the power lines, thus causing the breakage of two large pylons.

These pylons had been replaced by large wooden poles temporarily, with the need to restore the original pylons asap. The Ragno Palazzani XTJ 52 was the machine chosen to carry out this complex operation, hired by the Company MediaCo.

A of RTE Company Managers saw by chance the XTJ 52 working on a construction site in crane mode, operated by MediaCo operator Jérôme Augereau, and he was so positively impressed by the performance and skill with which he carried out the difficult job in total safety, to consider it perfect for restoring the poles for power lines.

Palazzani spider lift XTJ 52 is often the main character of the most complex missions, all over the world. It is an exceptional machine that often offers the only solution to difficult access, with its 52 meters of maximum working height, an outreach of 19.50 meters, a capacity of 400 kg in the platform version and 500 kg in the crane version.

Here is the detailed program of the 5 days of intense work that the XTJ 52 performed:


5 hours of transfer by truck to reach the destination

Spider unloading and configuration in crane mode

Self-transfer to the job site

Accurate analysis of the site


Full day dedicated to the intervention on the first job site

Pylon restoration operation

Mission completed at the first site


Moving to the second job site

Careful study of the site, before the intervention

Trials of spider movement to work on pylons in very uneven ground and reduced space


Full day at the second job site

Restoration of the poles

Mission completed


Loading the spider onto the truck

Return to the base

This was by no means an easy mission and, without the help of the Ragno XTJ 52, it certainly would not have been possible to restore the poles.

If you are also in similar conditions and do not know how to operate, contact the Palazzani Staff, we will be able to guide you in the choice that best suits you!